Our Story

Mr. Hersh’s energy level was not what it used to be, and he was suffering from various unexplainable symptoms. To get to the root of his problem he consulted with different health professionals and came to the realization that it was the food that went into his mouth that was the cause of it all. Those food products containing white refined flour were a real “no no”, and anything that listed assorted additives, yeast and sugar in its ingredients were deleterious to his wellbeing.
He learned to check the fat level of every thing he ate and he was surprised to discover that many companies who claimed to be “all natural”, “whole grain”, “fat-free” & “sugar free” were still using a blend of whole grain and white flour as well as other indecipherable ingredients. In his pursuit to regain his health he became familiar with the “glycemic index” – a measure of the ability of a food to raise blood sugar levels after it is eaten. The glycemic impact of foods is an amazing component that consumers (aside from diabetics) are often not familiar with. Low-glycemic fare can reduce excess body weight, lower cholesterol, increase one’s mental awareness and energy level, reduce incidence of high blood pressure and increase cardiovascular fitness!
Mr. Hersh scouted neighborhood supermarkets, sampling the various whole-grain products on the market and he found the selection to be a limited one. Those foods that met his nutritional expectations (all natural, whole grain, sugar free, low fat, low sodium and rich in fiber) were exorbitantly priced and the selection of low-glycemic products were virtually nil. He felt strongly that people with dietary restrictions who were limited to eating only such products were being taken for a ride, since they had no choice but to pay the high cost. So he took matters into his own hands and was determined to create the perfect product that would be affordable to all. After months of intensive research and consultation with nutritional experts, Mr. Hersh was ready; he discovered a factory in Israel with the expertise to produce great tasting low-glycemic CrispCrackers, CrispBreads and CrispSnax and more. Shibolim was born.
The Shibolim line features a full array of all natural whole-grain products that appeal to the complete age spectrum, from the health conscious mother who wants only the best for her family to the older adult who is watching his cholesterol. Weight watchers, diabetics, and all those savvy health-conscious consumers are sure to embrace these superb tasting and extremely appealing food items.